Raymond Will Soon Release Book On Pledge History

To the rest of the world, the American flag is the visual symbol of freedom, and the Pledge of Allegiance, its voice. Which is why, for many Americans, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance has felt as natural as breathing. Yet there is a growing number of people, young and old, who view it as an archaic ritual dedicated to an America that was, not is.  For all the controversy surrounding the Pledge, however, the majority of Americans are ill-informed about the history of the unlikely salute that became an impassioned oath. In this well researched, easy-to-follow book, author Tricia Raymond offers a groundbreaking look at how the popularization of the American flag and Pledge of Allegiance became national symbols of pride—and direct rebuttals to the rise of socialist interests (or for that matter, any other oppressive form of government).

Her careful recanting of the socio- economic- and political climate of the late 1800s clearly demonstrates how the American flag and the Pledge were a reaction to radical ideas attacking American principles and how both played a critical role in unifying the nation. Raymond brings to life, Francis Bellamy and James Upham, and their ardent efforts to strengthen patriotism by placing a flag in front of every school and composing a salute to be shared by all its citizens. Additionally, Raymond’s reflections and research offer a current perspective on the controversial use of “under God,” and makes a compelling case for the continued recitation “as is.”

However contentious this debate is today, it is hard to deny the power of this simple 22-word pledge recited around the American flag to reinvigorate patriotism and bolster unity at a time when America was bitterly divided. As Raymond writes, “Suggesting the flag be hung in homes and school rooms was the right idea, at the right time.” After reading this eye-opening chapter of American history, your curiosity will be aroused and your understanding of the Pledge’s significance will be deepened. Whichever side of the issue you stand on, Saving One Nation Under God will leave you wondering, “What does the Pledge mean to me?”


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