Happy Independence Day, America!

Happy Independence Day, America!  Or should I say, Happy Independence Day, Republicans?

 According to a recent Harvard study, patriotic fervor resides with Republicans considerably more than with Democrats.  (Substitute “conservative” for Republican and “liberal” for Democrat, and this study would be spot on.)  It goes on to say that children are likely to be “socialized into Republicans” when they attend patriotic celebrations like Fourth of July parades and that Democrats are pretty much wasting their time to cheer the red, white and blue.

 Go figure.  It took Harvard researchers to discover that?!

Every red-blooded American intuitively knows why Fourth of July parades, saluting the flag and placing our hands over our hearts to recite the Pledge of Allegiance reaffirms the tremendous pride we have for this great nation.

 It’s because such displays of patriotism reminds us that freedom is precious, bought with the blood and sacrifice of our nation’s finest heroes, defended even today by brave men and women who volunteer to risk lives in a far off land so that we can live securely at home.

 It’s because we realize that each generation of Americans is charged with the awesome responsibility of passing the torch of freedom on to the next generation.  We don’t want ours to be the generation that messes things up.  Instinctively, we are drawn to displays of patriotism.  It re-energizes us to continue to do our part to pass along this blessed privilege.

It’s because we know we don’t deserve the freedom we enjoy – especially, the freedom to pursue what we believe to be God’s destiny for our lives. And yet, we accept the gift with humble gratitude, hoping our life choices bring honor to our families, our nation and our Lord.

Our ancestors practiced these things much better than we do today.  Way back when … before political correctness … Americans actually looked for ways to impart patriotism to young Americans while refurbishing their own national pride in the process.

On October 12, 1892, national leaders created a nationwide birthday bash to recognize the 400th anniversary of the discovery of America.  Christopher Columbus was celebrated like a rock star.  Every town and city throughout the nation proudly celebrated the wonder that is America. The Chicago World’s Fair was dedicated amidst tremendous fanfare.  Recently arrived immigrants of every nationality waved the Stars and Stripes as they marched alongside their new American friends.  On that day, the entire nation joined together under the banner of freedom and for the first time, recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

There’s a lot to be said about patriotic fervor.  It helps us renew our national values, reminds us of our common history and allows us to demonstrate our deep respect for the nobility of America’s ideals.  It’s an object lesson for our children to appreciate the blessing of liberty.  It keeps America strong.

 Whether Democrat or Republican, we are all Americans!  Let’s show our love of country today and every day! 

 Happy Independence Day, America!


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