A Picture of Our “New” Future

Here’s what we have to look forward to when Obama signs the horrendous so-called Health Care bill this morning.  

Before the ink is dry on the paper, they will begin to build the machine that will take away our freedom … new IRS agents will be hired by the thousands and trained in interview / interrogation techniques to make sure you and I have “government approved insurance” … new agencies will be set up to manage every aspect of very intimate and personal choices … computers will be purchased by the millions to scan our health documents and downloaded for access by government bureaucrats … tax dollars will be used to build or refurbish buildings that will be called Community Health Centers so you and I can wait for months to get an appt for second rate care by a “gov’t approved” doctor – NOT the doctor of our choice … while in the waiting room there will be a young lady in another room having an abortion –  paid for with our tax dollars (This WILL happen … Obama’s Executive Order won’t last long, believe me) … you won’t see many elderly people in the waiting room – they have been “counselled” in their “end of life” options and many of them are now gone … all of this, of course, is FREE … we won’t have to pay a dime out of pocket … The Obamunists STOLE our hard earned money to pay for this. 

What’s next in this nightmare?  Mark my words … the very freedom for which our forefathers fought … the right to worship God as we see fit … that is coming down the pipeline …

“… the unbridgeable gap between America and Communist Russia is belief in Almighty God.”  Socialism is first cousin to Communism. Eventually, Obama and his ilk will make it illegal to believe in God.  Don’t laugh!  And don’t cry!  Put that energy to work to win America back!!  We can do this!!


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