Americans “Win” at Healthcare Summit

I don’t know about you, but everywhere I turn, there is immense concern about the future of America.  Everyone is at some level of anxiety, confusion, frustration and anger.  And it all stems from the fact that Washington could care less about “We, the people”.  

Yesterday’s “Summit” on Healthcare demonstrates why our nervousness is slowly turning to outrage  – our President doesn’t have a clue!  What he calls “talking points”, I call foundational convictions held by most Americans.   What he calls continued campaigning, I call continued efforts to reason with the far-left about what makes America great – namely the freedom to pursue our individual destinies, including our right to work out our health care needs privately with the doctor of our choice and completely absent from government interference of any kind.

To do that, we need less government, not more!   Mr. President, what part of “less government” don’t you understand??

Do you really think Americans will go for a mandate to purchase health care?  Is this freedom?  Do you really think Americans will swallow cuts to Medicare?  Is this charitable for our seniors?  Do you really think Americans are nothing more than deep pockets for an already over the top budget?  Is this wise fiscal management?  Do you really think the waste and fraud that already exists in government will improve with such a huge expansion of government? Is this trust in government?  Do you really think Americans will stand for “reconciliation” when we’ve said over and over that we don’t want this legislation?  Is this your idea of transparency?

On the one hand, I am deeply concerned about America.  It seems as if our nation’s government has been taken over by people who either: a) have a malicious plan to turn America into a socialist country, b) have no malicious plan to do so, but are so ignorant about American history, principles and values we will end up a socialist country, or c) simply do not care about America’s future and are willing to gamble it away.

Not a warm feeling.

On the other hand, I am so proud to be an American.  For one thing, (allow me to digress from Healthcare) our military is winning in Afghanistan!! Yay, American military for having such goodness of heart that we meticulously “separate the innocent” from the treacherous before routing them! 

Secondly, Americans do get it!  Did you hear Frank Bluntz’s focus group last night on Fox?  Those people had it goin’ on!  We recognize media hype when we see it.  We know a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  We refuse to be bullied by the Reid’s and Pelosi’s … and the President.  Americans continue to stand up!  We instinctively understand what is at stake and we will not stop fighting for the right to be free.

The President’s plan may have been to make conservative values look bad, but his plan backfired!  Americans want our health care improved, not impaled by a government takeover.  Obama looked bad yesterday.  He looked exactly like what he is … a grandstander. 

The American people are finally beginning to see right through him … and he doesn’t have a clue!


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